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About me
Kenneth BAYAD Portrait_01_SH.jpg
BAY Art Director

I am a multi-disciplinary creative director, advertising expert and entrepreneur based in Copenhagen. 


I have worked for over twenty years with some of the world’s biggest brands and intellectual properties, creating concepts, strategies and campaigns that have delivered results and won awards. 


I am a one-man army who plays well in teams. What sets me apart is a strong sense of aesthetics and a sharp focus on details. 


My skills range from front-end concept work to final asset development for international brands, encompassing art direction, packaging, graphic and web design, digital and social media assets and commercial film direction. 


I was a partner of a large independent agency in Copenhagen and am a dancer for hire for numerous others. I have a personal background in fashion and apparel and have launched two successful brands of my own, as well as working for several fashion brands.

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